When Building Custom Furniture, It's All In The Details. / by toddwarmington

A local designer recently brought us a photograph of a Georgian style demi-lunecommode that needed to be adapted both in size and function to fit a small powder room in one of the great older homes in the Seattle area. It was not possible to modify this existing cabinet, so we constructed a new version that met the requirements of the space, was faithful to the style of the original, and utilized veneers that were compatible with the surrounding furnishings.

To construct the curved front of the new piece, a form was constructed and all of the parts were pressed over this form in our vacuum press. The back, top and bottom formed a skeleton on which the curved panels and legs were attached. Pieces of veneer were stitched and taped together and pressed in the pattern required for each separate panel. These were then pressed onto the curved parts, trimmed and edged. The completed piece was finished with a furniture grade lacquer and fitted with a stone top, sink and faucets. We enjoyed the challenges that this piece presented and it gave us an opportunity to show off our abilities in producing a more complex piece of furniture.

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