Custom Kitchen Cabinets Purpose Built for Efficient Cooking / by toddwarmington

This Custom Kitchen is not just unique and beautiful,  it is designed with the purpose of making cooking as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

The home owner wanted a very specific arrangement for every aspect of her kitchen. With the help of architect Theresa Freeman, much effort was devoted to organizing multiple work areas where every implement and appliance is thoughtfully placed for the convenience of this serious cook. The very particular needs and wishes of a person who values thoughtful efficiency over conventional arrangements results in this unique kitchen arrangement. The project was greatly benefited by the generous amount of available space. This allowed for three distinct islands; each with its own function and appearance.

To highlight the individual character of this kitchen, the cabinets were constructed from either a highly distressed oak that was bleached and glazed for a rustic appearance or a more refined, very darkly stained walnut. All of this was accented by an antique table that was altered to engage one of the islands and by a bird’s eye maple table with turned legs and a thick maple chopping surface that is integral to the largest island.

There are many unique features such as the pull out mixer shelf that is concealed by a door that slides up into the cabinet above or various pull-out units for recycling, compost container, coffee grinder, a toaster, and virtually everything else one would find in a well appointed kitchen. This is the sort of challenging and unconventional project where Warmington and North Co. excels at crafting remarkable results.

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