Building FSC Cabinets for LEED Certified Homes / by toddwarmington

Green Cabinet Design

We build  environmentally friendly FSC certified custom cabinets of the highest quality

Warmington and North Co. was engaged to construct cabinetry for a new LEED certified home in Seattle where the  clients were committed to utilizing environmentally friendly components that would meet LEED standards for certification.  We are dedicated to the producing environmentally friendly cabinets and enjoy working on projects that try to mitigate their footprint on the environment.  The kitchen featured a recycling center, new energy efficient appliances and lots of natural light.  A large walk in pantry, floor to ceiling display cabinets as well as cabinetry for the bathrooms and laundry were included; all cabinets were constructed from FSC certified woods that were sourced locally from forests that are responsibly managed. We sought out materials that were for the most part locally produced and followed LEED requirements to meet their standards.

This project was recently recognized by as a 5 Star Home

The Lakeshore residence is a 5-Star custom single-family home designed by Stuart Silk Architects. The home is modeled to perform 45 percent better than a home built to the current Washington State Energy Code through the use of a super-tight envelope, a rooftop solar hot-water system and a heat recovery ventilator, among numerous other energy efficient features. To reduce runoff, the home features a 2,800-gallon cistern for rainwater collection, which will be used inside the home and for landscaping. To conserve water, landscaping was completed using native, drought-tolerant plants. Also, dual flush toilets were installed. The residence is heated through a hydronic system with a 95-percent efficient boiler and was designed for a chimney effect for natural ventilation and heat distribution.

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