Our commitment to the environment encompasses everything we do.  We take deliberate actions to prevent, reduce and mitigate harmful effects on the environment and its natural resources.



We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woods that comes from responsibly managed forests to ensure that the foundations for life are also preserved for future generations.  All plywood used in our cabinet and furniture construction is CARB compliant (California Air Resources Board) which indicates that no formaldehyde has been added.

Raw Materials

Sustainability starts with raw materials.  Although our kitchens have components that are made of glass, plastic, and metal, lumber is the most important raw material.  We are careful to select high quality lumber that is grown under ideal conditions and is free from defects.  It is also important that we buy our lumber from suppliers that guarantee sustainable forest management.


Our kitchen cabinets are painted with products that minimize impact on the environment but also deliver maximum performance and durability.  Our spray booth is equipped with the latest spray technology and can finish products with either solvent based or water based finishes that are low VOC. Our finishes meet or exceed KCMA ratings for durability and quality and are also formaldehyde free.

Local Responsibility

Being a Seattle-based business, we are committed to giving back within our community. For over twenty years, we have been delivering sawdust to P-Patches around Seattle so it can be reused as mulch. We also use plywood directly sourced from local mills in the Pacific Northwest, not overseas.

LEED Certification

We have experience in building custom cabinets for LEED certified homes.  If you plan to have your project LEED certified, we can help you make cabinet choices that will meet the requirements.