The Warmington & North Process

excellence at every step.

We are committed to setting the standard of excellence in our industry in all aspects of your project. We go beyond just the building of your custom cabinets: we offer a comprehensive service that demonstrates our customer service, open communication and attention to detail. 

Whether you are already working directly with a contractor, designer or architect - or have a honed project vision, we are here to bring your vision to life. 


We want to learn about your project and what you're trying to achieve. Please reach out directly and schedule time for an initial consultation in order for us to fully understand the scope, scale and vision. Add something here about 'truly custom' or 'customization' 


Once we have aligned on the scope of work, design, etc. we will comprise a bid for your review. We strive to within a week we can provided a detailed bid on cost and timeline. 

If there are already a set of initial drawings that have been created by either an architect or designer, we can provide a pricing bid based on the initial draft. We want to learn about your project and what you're trying to achieve and will then ask detailed questions to fully understand the scope, scale and vision. Don't worry if you haven't aligned on every detail, given our deep expertise we are happy to make recommendations on finishes, materials, and specialized hardware - as well as layout and flow. 


Given a set scope of work and a honed project vision, Warmington & North can provide a fully-managed, and fixed price project arrangement. We will outline the project details fully and set a price for an agreed scope of work. We will liaise with all trades, vendors, and suppliers, to secure the best results and the finest materials for your project. Less hassles. Less surprises. Let us take care of it.